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Deep Cleansing Oil - For dry and sensitive

Japanese makeup look you are seeking, a simple google search will reveal a plethora of different Japanese eye makeup tutorials and Japanese eyeliner makeup tutorials to choose from. For a simple kawaii eye makeup look, dust a shimmery eyeshadow all over the lid and under the outer corner. Opt for soft shimmery colors like pinks, corals, peaches, beiges, and browns. Since the kawaii look is meant to be girly and cute, you’ll want to stay away from tones that are flamboyant, bright, or dark. Apply a slightly lighter color to the inner corners of the eyes.

For example, if you used a rosey pink as your starter color, pop the inner corners with a white gold or light peach. The combinations here are endless, but the idea is to open the eyes and make them look as doll-like as possible. Next, draw liquid eyeliner in black or Teeth Whitening The Clinical Kit Ecom brown that is visibly thicker towards the outer corner. You can line the entire upper lash line or leave off a small section in the inner corner, depending on how bold you want to make it. The wing should stand out, but avoid making it too sharp, edgy and cat-like. It should have a slightly upward yet droopy effect.


For an ultimate doll-look, use the same liquid eyeliner on just the outer corner of the lower lash line. You can also skip the lower lash line altogether or fill it in with a neutral or light-colored tone. Again, the idea is to make the eyes appear bigger. Then, fill in your eyebrows with a natural shade that complements your hair color, and fluff them with a brush. Lastly, apply black mascara, and deliberately clump the lashes together into groups in a doll-like fashion. This can take some practice, so if you want to master Japanese style makeup right away, go straight for Japanese false eyelashes and your kawaii look is complete.

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